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This blog is for you to confess anything you want to confess involving Celebrities, Youtubers, Gaming, LGBT, Feminism and other Tumblr like topics :3
Simply send your confession into my ask box, and it will be posted, the only rule is that you can not mindlessly hate, you may send in confessions criticizing celebrities, but only if you're not being a jerk about it and I'll post your confession as soon as I can
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VeeOneEye is worse than Sam Pepper, cause Sam groped people, making him a perv, Jason may have apologized but a million apologies doesn’t excuse the fact that he raped an underage girl!

If somebody doesn’t support feminism then I can’t support them

Lady Gaga’s haters saying she released Cheek to Cheek because of ARTPOP’s chart status need to shut up because it was planned before ARTPOP!

I can’t believe there are actual bloggers on this site who support school shooters, it is the most sickening thing I’ve ever seen, it’s ok to understand what made them snap, but it’s not ok to defend serial killers!

If you honestly believe Sam Pepper was “doing a social experiment” then you’re as simple as a stick figure

Anaconda is basically How Many Licks? part 2 tbh

In Sam Pepper’s new video, he’s not pranking anybody, he’s just being a peverted asshole

I think that it was great that Azealia Banks called Iggy out on her racist comments, but Azealia is pretty transmisogynistic so it’s not like people dislike her just for because she called Iggy out.
I do believe that there are many racists disliking Azealia just for that reason, but it’s not the only reason people dislike Azealia Banks

U2 is not “special” or “innovative” for giving away an album for free,
Black people have been doing that for literal decades…
it’s called a mixtape…but you’re not supposed to force people to download it tho

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Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, LoLa Monroe, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, 3D Na’tee and Dreezy
There, that’s 10 female rappers who all have talent, and are just trying to make a living doing what 1000’s of men do, yet there can only be one girl doing it?

Since when do rap dudes only want one chick?!?

Iggy Azalea says something racist, then Azealia Banks calls her on her shit, then the white media calls Banks “problematic”, then Banks say “Sorry I’m pro black girl” and Iggy Azalea wins the fight by sayin “I’m pro HUMAN”…sure that makes perfect sense

The media needs to stop acting like anorexia and obesity are good things,
It seems like all famous women are either dangerously overweight, or way too skinny, even the “body positive” celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence are skinnier than most normal women, why can’t we have any women who are inbetween?
They do know there is an inbetween underweight and overweight right?
It’s called average

I don’t get how people are like, “It’s okay that Meghan Trainor called thin girls ‘skinny bitches’ because afterwards she was like ‘haha sike!’ and besides thin girls get enough reinforcement!”

You don’t just throw around insults and then go “lol jk” and it’s alright. If you don’t honestly believe thin girls are skinny bitches then why would you say it in your song in the first place? Why does pointing out that some girls are insecure about their weight have to start with you calling them bitches?

Besides if you’re going to keep throwing up that, “thin girls get enough reinforcement” you’re basically admitting that what she said was shitty and just trying to defend that it’s okay to insult someone if they’re accepted in the media, which means jack shit to people who don’t get acceptance elsewhere (home, among peers, at work, etc.).

Plus defending that bigger girls are better because men will like them more is a shitty way to bring about body positivity. You’re gorgeous whether or not men find you desirable, your self esteem shouldn’t be dependent on someone else’s approval