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"All About That Bass" is fucking awful!, it is shaming skinny people, the entire song is saying that skinny people are plastic, if you want to make a song about how bigger people are beautiful, don’t bash skinny people, what if somebody said "You’re an obese fat ass, naw I’m just playin" would that go over well? then why is it ok for her to say the same about "skinny bitches"?

Hi, this isn't a confession, but who's your favorite singer?


me? um, either Britney Spears, or Amy Lee (i know they’re totally different but I can’t decide who i like more tbh)

I know Paula will probably take Robin back, because he made an entire album about it, first he cheated, now he’s making her the bad guy, if she doesn’t take him back do you have any idea how much hate she’ll get?

I honestly feel so bad for her, she’s trapped

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We have GOT to stop making 12 year old singers famous, it’s seriously nauseating, as kids their voices are somewhat impressive, but when they grow up they always sound pretty average

I love it when female rappers say “I’m better than most of the guys out there right now”, technically you’re right, but that’s like going to a cripple ward and saying that you’re the fastest runner there

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Submit Your Own Confessions Here