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Guys I’m going to sleep now, so some confessions to my inbox so I could make them tomorrow when I have the time

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I don’t understand what the big deal is about triggers… so something you see/hear reminds you of something terrible you went through in the past… then what? you feel uncomfortable, or maybe you have a horrible panic attack, and that passes… okay? the world goes on. people want trigger warnings for everything nowadays or they wanna take it a step further and get rid of things that may trigger people. maybe we should all live in safe little bubbles. OR you can get your head outta your ass

Saying that you hate white straight cis people won’t help anyone, and it’s just redundant, the phrase you’re looking for is “I hate racists, homophobes, and transphobic people”

By saying “Fetch is never gonna happen”, we accidentally made Fetch happen

Tyler Oakley Exposed


Someone wanted me to repost this…

  1. He says that when you hate on someone you secretly hate yourself, yet he hated on Katy Perry for a long while, but then he jumped at the chance to interview her and now he calls her the queen of pop and called himself a KatyCat, then he went back to hating her a week later, Which is just so fake
  2. He made a shirt about how all religions should be respected, but he makes fun about how god is fake and pointless all the time
  3. He also made a pro LGBT shirt, and pocketed all the money from it, even though it was implied he’d donate it
  4. He entered a contest for best pic from gay pride, and the pic he used to enter the contest wasn’t even from that event, he cheated by used his fans to win, and he got a free trip to NYC
  5. He hates people who eat at Chick-fil-A (cause they are homophobic) but he shops at other anti gay stores like Urban Outfitters because “it’s just clothes” and the clothes don’t promote homophobia, which means he doesn’t actually care about whether they are anti-gay or not, he’s only following the crowd
  6. He uses slurs like “Tranny” which is so transphobic
  7. He also used the “N” word in one video (which was taken down), and he pretends to be a black woman in some videos
  8. He said that “Calling someone racist is racist” as an excuse for him to be racist himself
  9. (a long time ago) He made an entire video called “Why Diversity Sucks” about how people try too hard to be diverse, and should accept how the world isn’t that diverse (and he took the video down after he got more popular)
  10. and he believes that Reverse Racism is waaay more more prominent than it actually is
  11. He thinks that people should just “Get over it” when he is racist, because as stated above, he thinks that “Calling someone racist is racist”
  12. He says that “Shipping real people is wrong because they deserve respect” yet he keeps tweeting one direction to let him sit on their faces
  13. He changes the links on the stuff he reblogs to his blog, stealing attention from the OP
  14. He commented on a story about a woman who punched a man who joked about “raping a drunk girl in an alleyway” Tyler said that she shouldn’t have used violence
  15. He purposefully ignores all the the extra letters in the LGBTQQIAAP, like the BTQQIAAP, and just doesn’t really care about anyone unless they’re gay, which is disrespectful and ignorant
  16. Whenever somebody criticizes him he usually calls them ugly, (even if they weren’t being mean, and just stating things he did)

Hilary Duff at her peak was way bigger than Miley could ever hope to be, and Hilary didn’t have to twerk on beetlejuice and become a meme to get publicity, she used this foreign concept called “TALENT” maybe you miley fans should go figure out what that is because Miley can not teach you

Little Mix is just another girl group, get over it

Number ones mean nothing nowadays, you don’t get a number one song or album because you’re talented, you get one because you got a good amount of publicity, Robin Thicke had a number one, does that mean he’s talented? haha no, he only got it because the song was about rape, and all the controversy around it was nothing more than free publicity to him