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People have got to stop disrespecting Nicki to promote Iggy, or vice verse.

Nicki is an insane rapper, Iggy is a great rapper, Azealia Banks is unique as hell, and all the underground ones like Snow Tha Product, Angel Haze, LoLa Monroe, Brianna Perry, 3D Na’tee and Dreezy, and all those females from the 90’s who are still doing their thing like Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Queen Latifah, Eve and Diamond, and don’t forget Remy Ma who is fresh out of prison and (hopefully) will be working with Iggy and Nicki
They are all talented women, so why does everybody have to shove them together and make them fight like they’re dogs? as queen latifah said, you have no right to call any woman a bitch

The media needs to stop acting like anorexia and obesity are good things,
It seems like all famous women are either dangerously overweight, or way too skinny, even the “body positive” celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence are skinnier than most normal women, why can’t we have any women who are inbetween?
They do know there is an inbetween underweight and overweight right?
It’s called average

I don’t get how people are like, “It’s okay that Meghan Trainor called thin girls ‘skinny bitches’ because afterwards she was like ‘haha sike!’ and besides thin girls get enough reinforcement!”

You don’t just throw around insults and then go “lol jk” and it’s alright. If you don’t honestly believe thin girls are skinny bitches then why would you say it in your song in the first place? Why does pointing out that some girls are insecure about their weight have to start with you calling them bitches?

Besides if you’re going to keep throwing up that, “thin girls get enough reinforcement” you’re basically admitting that what she said was shitty and just trying to defend that it’s okay to insult someone if they’re accepted in the media, which means jack shit to people who don’t get acceptance elsewhere (home, among peers, at work, etc.).

Plus defending that bigger girls are better because men will like them more is a shitty way to bring about body positivity. You’re gorgeous whether or not men find you desirable, your self esteem shouldn’t be dependent on someone else’s approval

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Submit Your Own Confessions Here

I know people on this site hate her, but she was a wife and mother who clawed her way up through an industry ruled by men before tumblr was even around for you to make posts about feminism
She laid the groundwork for women in comedy today.

Sure she made fun of people, but if you really hate her for that then don’t stoop to her level

I hate when people say Beyoncé or Rihanna or whoever is Perfect.
Nobody is perfect!

People hate Kanye West because he’s “self-obsessed” and “arrogant”
But Robert Downey Jr. is the same, and it’s a “charming arrogance”?

Calum Hood’s nudes leak and everybody cheers, J.Law and other women’s nudes leak and everybody starts talking about how their careers are over and they shouldn’t have taken them in the first place.

Double standard much?!?

I hate how white people get more credit than black people in the rap game, I can name 10 female rappers who are better than Iggy Azalea but have never even been on the billboard, and Mackelmore isn’t bad, but I can name 50 male rappers who are better but have no success. it seriously isn’t fair how a black rapper rapping about how hard life is doesn’t have as much success as a white guy rapping about how hard life is for other people